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Friday, December 17 2021

Privacy Tutorial for Android phone v8

Most apps are free, but they drain from you precious data.
Is that free? No.
This data allow them to know you and predict your behavior, consumer and voter trends. And once you're partly transparent to them it's easy to be manipulated. Hundreds of thousands voters got targeted and influenced in the Brexit and Trump votes during the Cambridge-Analytica Facebook scandal. Google is even more powerful.

The most sensitive App Permissions are :

  • Body Sensors : that data tell how much you move, and insurance companies are ready to pay much money to do their due-diligence before accepting covering you.
  • Microphone : apps running on background are actively listening to recognize keywords, like "Ok Google" or other commands. Of course knowing what we talk about is also precious to profile us further. The component "Alphonso Automated" is an in-famous one.
  • Camera : If you haven't covered your selfie camera with a sticker, then it can easily eye-track where on the screen you're looking and how you react to each visual content. That's an powerful psychological assessment method to finely profile your reactions.
  • Location : Knowing where you go, when, how fast, and roughly who you meet (cross checked with conversation content if you allow the microphone), that too is very sensitive.

Click on the image to enlarge

Friday, November 5 2021

New keyword: Guy Fawkes

It has become increasingly obvious that the articles of this blog are identified across many fields, and it's not unusual to see over 5 tags for a single article! I believe this is a semantic issue, about finding the right vocabulary. It is sometimes necessary to create a new word to concisely capture a novel specific idea.

Here is propose "GuyFawkes" as keyword tag for my articles related to: "Defense of liberties, privacy, democratic civil society and access to knowledge, against oppressive states and corporations". It is not fully in line with the ideas of the Anonymous, Chanology, Pirate, or Occupy movements by definition, but shares similarities.

For me, November 5th is a cheerful celebration of anarchism and critical thinking, a warning sent to all abusive authorities, both public and private (GAFAM and Party)

Guido "Guy" Fawkes was an English catholic activist who belonged to the failed gunpowder plot aiming at bombing the British parliament on 5 November 1605. His figure, and particularly the above mask designed for the 2006 movie V For Vendetta has gained universal symbolic value, which doesn't have any religious connotation anymore.

Saturday, May 15 2021

Block trackers from the GAFAM with Privacy Badger plugin

After a long fight against Facebook's last full scale monitoring, Off-Facebook Activity, during which I've run trial and error tests, I've found and validated a very powerful plugin for PC and Phones : Privacy Badger. It can effectively block the countless trackers that Google and Facebook, among others, are sticking at us.

Off-Facebook Activity is Facebook feature since 2019 that shows you all the data shared about you with Facebook. It includes purchase you made, apps you use, sites you visits (among which petition, bank, news articles and other sensitive visits), on your PC and phone alike. It claims to do it to give you.. (guess what?)... more relevant content and ads.

Here is where to automatically check on your own FB account what Facebook knows about you :

For me the list was so long and shockingly detailed that it drove me mad. I logged every change of that list on daily basis and ran tests, to understand how it could spy on my so pervasively. The only method that could cut off that spying was this plugin. I suppose the other plugin called "Ghostery" is equally effective.

Friday, June 5 2020

Learning Patterns on Duolingo

This is a graph I made using Gephi to show the number of Duolingo users learning which language from which. Colours represent language families.

English of course stands out as a hub. Duolingo users can learn any language from English, except Catalan and Guarani (from indigenous around Paraguay) which are learned from Spanish. Asymmetric drains are seen towards French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Italian to some extent. The network rather follows geographic proximity, with the notable exception of the Arabic>Swedish stream, accounting for the great effort of migrants to integrate Swedish society.

(click on the graph for a bigger picture with explanations)

This is an example of semi-structured graph based on a data matrix. The interesting aspect of it is that the shape of the graph emerges from its inner structure, by optimizing the proximity and arrangement of the nodes linked together. Like letting the data spontaneously express itself and grow into a particular pattern.

(Shared here on Facebook Duolingo group)

Monday, February 3 2020

Bible lexicon: Strong Concordance with whole KJV in spreasheet

Here is my worksheet about biblical lexicon, a clean compilation of various treasures i've found: Strong concordance lists for Hebrew and Greek with translation counts for KJV and NASV, along with the complete KJV with Strong numbers. All in all, this allows word counts through the use of excel functions. Enjoy!

(Click on the picture to open the XLS worksheet)

Tuesday, September 10 2019

Hylian language : Legend verses 1 and 2

Here is a new translation, taking piecemeal the famous legend from Zelda 5 "Ocarina of Time".

This short text is full of interesting paradoxes. It puts together the ideas of beginning and what was before. The concept of origin is rendered by SMR (from Somaria, creation or start), and that of antecedence by the preposition KR, derived from KKR (from Kokiri, youth or morning roost). That antecedence is part of a cycle imitating the sun and four cardinal points: Est-South-West-North, NotYet-Already-Still-NoMore, Before-Inside-After-Outside. These two contradicting time models, the linear and the cyclical, are closely knit together like a primal bomb ready to expand.

Time is rendered by LBR (from Labrynna, the oracle of Time), with its abstract sense. The concrete one would be "moment".

Finally, "the chaos that was Hyrule" is paradoxical since Hyrule, the cosmos, basically means harmony. Hence "chaos" is constructed as "un-hyrulish". A cosmos yet very un-cosmic, a formless nothing yet to become something.

(Also posted on the ZeldaUniverse forum)

Thursday, May 16 2019

A Phrasebook of Vietnamese Walls

Here is a compilation of pictures and notes, about Vietnamese walls and inscriptions. Posters, ads, mysterious glyphs and undecipherable symbols. My notebook of Indiana Jones in Vietnam!

Click on the picture to open the pdf

Facebook post

Thursday, May 2 2019

Compo : Le Temple de la Lune

Participation to the special 200th episode of the Nocta contest :

(Click on the picture to listen)

Approach and gaze at the temple, enter, wander and capture the moon relic, run away in panic !

Monday, March 25 2019

Compo : Les 4 Elements

Participation to the Nocta contest :

(Click on the picture to listen)

Epic video game style, ethnic instruments.. Actually one of the elements is missing, but which one? ;)

Tuesday, May 8 2018

Musical Modes: compiled, analysed and compared

After my first attempt in 2009 to review the modes used in modern jazz, I'm deepening the analysis and including the 72 ragas from southern India.

The diagram shows which of the 12 semitones are used to build the musical scale, with colours indicating their natural consonances or tensions with the starting note.

The excel sheet gives all the data and functions.

Here are the 5 pentatonic modes built without semitone interval:

The pentatonic mode of Re# was used for the melody of this 2011 composition.
The Indian raga KamaVardani was used in the last part of this 2015 composition (Krishna talks!), and in this one (descending little devils..)

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Monday, March 19 2018

Why is Wechat still a clumsy chat?

I've been looking for fair reviews of Wechat, but besides phony can/cannot critics, I found nowhere yet what I'm listing below.

Yes, Wechat is impressive by its payment features, along with great compatibility with other services: food delivery, Didi taxi, shared bike, train ticket, etc. But Wechat is... a chat app. Why is it lagging so much behind its international competitors regarding basic chat features?

  1. No sending confirmation
  2. No reading confirmation
  3. No clear notification of internet unavailability
  4. Late notification of message sending failure (30 seconds to 2 minutes)
  5. No automatic re-sending upon recovery of the internet access.
  6. Impossible to delete or rectify a message after 1 minute. Deleting only removes it from your own log, not the others'!
  7. Worse: Pictures and documents expire after 1 week!
  8. Even worse: Inconsistency of message log when using simultaneously the phone and PC interface: If only one of the 2 is on-line, the messages will only be logged in the on-line machine, and will never by synced into the log of the then off-line machine.
  9. Funny final one: Only 1 bloody ring-tone for 1,000,000,000+ users.

I guess that most of these drawbacks are aiming at reducing internet traffic, but they severely damage the basic chat functionalities.
I'm not trying to get my Chinese visa suspended here, rather I really encourage the above shortcomings to be fixed. Wechat is the hegemonic ubiquitous Chinese chat super-app, therefore no other option. The only way forward is to improve it.

To read further:

Saturday, December 2 2017

Poème coloré "La Corne et le Corail"

En quittant un hôtel à Saïgon dimanche dernier, j'ai vu deux objets qui semblaient contredire l’évolution habituelle de la matière..

Les poèmes que j'aime composer incarnent la concision et la densité du lien. Des formes brèves me permettent une capture rapide à la manière du haïku, mais les relations de musique et de sens exigent un choix scrupuleux des mots. Le sonnet en six pieds me convient souvent, avec de multiples motifs de rimes.
Concernant le lexique, je préfère l'universel. Les noms propres sont généralement exclus car associés à des époques et cultures. Les mots sophistiqués ou rares sont évités. Je cherche à ne garder qu'un langage concis mais accessible.

Monday, September 25 2017

Poème coloré "Conscience"

Cet été un de ces matins vietnamiens, les chats ont déposé au pied de la table deux oisillons agonisant. Les matous n'avaient pas l'air bien émus, peut être simplement ignorant bien et mal.

Friday, September 8 2017

Compo : La Espero

Esperanto was born in the late 19th century, and traditional customs back then was to give it a flag.. and an anthem! During the 100th congress in Lille in 2015, i've noticed with a friend of mine that the music of this anthem is quite military, a coulour in serious contradiction with the peacefulness of the lyrics.

Here is an arrangement with a new melody, slightly similar to the original, but in a form of waltz:

Click on the picture to listen (to the nasty piano-flute duet of mine!)

And here is the music score.

Monday, August 21 2017

Compo : La Complainte du Nounours Abandonné

Last participation to the Nocta contest 3 weeks ago :

Click on the picture to listen

Tuesday, June 6 2017

Hylian language update !

The introduction booklet now includes a selective dictionary, words class for animals and plants, and a comparison with ancient Hieroglyphs !

Monday, May 22 2017

Personality Models: Myers-Briggs and others

Know Thyself! (Γνώθι Σεαυτόν in Greek, Temet Nosce in Latin)
Direct intuitive experience of one's feeling and behavior is always best, but some nerdy scientific or pseudo-scientific models of psychology can help putting words on it.

Personality models can be split into 2 categories: those with odd and even numbers of types.

The models with odd numbers (Enneagram, Chinese 5 Agents 五行, 9 Belbin Team Roles, etc.) define the personalities without analyzing them as mere combinations of aspects. They describe each of them as a whole that is more than just a sum of components: these are holistic approaches.

The models in even numbers by contrast are taking analytic approaches: they analyze the personalities as combinations of aspects, based on binary oppositions: Introvert/Extrovert, Active/Passive, Rational/Intuitive, Conservative/Progressive, Indirect/Direct, etc.

Following the tradition of Carl Jung in analytic psychology, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), takes this analytic approach to a high degree, by defining 4 aspects:

  • Extrovert/Introvert: being with others stimulates us, or makes us uncomfortable and exhausted?
  • Mode of perception: Sensing/iNtuiting: do we sense the practical facts and objective reality, or do we intuitively get the big picture, and the underlying principles?
  • Mode of judgment: Thinking/Feeling: do we decide objectively based on logic and justice, or subjectively with empathy, forgiveness, and aiming at harmony?
  • Dominance between the 2 modes: Judging/Perceiving: need for plan and achievement within clear framework and deadlines, or comfortable with improvising in flexible environment?

The combinations of the 4 pairs of letters (E/I, S/N, T/F, J/P) gives the 16 types. Selecting only 3 letters will define a pair of types, and 2 letters defines a group of 4 types (see comments bellow the diagram)

I have tried to integrate into the above MBTI chart 4 other models:

  • Herrmann Whole Brain Thinking, which seems to focus on the aspects Thinking/Feeling and Sensing/iNtuiting. Captions at the bottom of diagram, splitting into 4 columns.
  • The Greek Four Temperaments, related to my proposal of cardinal cycle, which opposes Introvert/Extrovert, and Stable/Unstable. Captions on the right side of the diagram, splitting into 4 lines.
  • DiSC Assessment, which opposes Active/Passive and People/Task. Splitting the above diagram into 4 quarters.
  • Keirsey Temperament Sorter, which is often presented in connection with the MBTI. It is represented by 4 shapes, with captions on the left side.

There have been quite many 4-types personality models across history, but matching the types one by one is often too direct. The above diagram uses the wider playground of the MBTI to compare the models more subtly.

So.. what about myself? You can try to classify me as INTP, but also ENTP when in contact with peoples, INFP and INFP when I listen more to my heart (these 4 types form a NP group), and also ISTP and ISFP at time when i get more pragmatic.

Monday, May 15 2017

Laramin is turning 10: Happy Birthday!

10 years ago at 10pm in a swimming pool of Kuala Lumpur, the idea of what would become the constructed language Laramin loomed in a mind... :)

Thursday, April 20 2017

Venus project presented at the UN Assembly Hall

I could hardly believe it: the Venus project, which I thought to be a marginal utopian idea, was presented last year at the prestigious United Nations Assembly Hall for the 2016 Novus Summit, which rewards contributors addressing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

It feels like a historical moment to see its founder, Jacques Fresco, now 100 years old, speaking to the assembly symbolizing the world consolidated government.

The Venus project proposes a brand new society and economic structure, where renewable energies and automation enable abundant goods and services, making money and most work irrelevant, and allowing citizens to contribute in the way they want (research, design, arts, or other activities).

Tuesday, April 4 2017

Sonata for Oboe and Piano: Recorded and Published!

Last month we finally managed to record the sonata at the Kien Quyet studio. It will be available for sale on iTune, Amazon, and other platforms within few days.

Meanwhile, here is it, for free!

Facebook article

Saturday, April 1 2017

Etymologie Indo-Européenne en Dictionnaire

Voici enfin une copie intégrale en PDF de ce dictionnaire plein de révélations, pour 10Mo seulement. Le texte est passé en reconnaissance de caractère et peut donc être recherché par mot-clef avec CTRL+F.

Grandsaignes d'Hauterive, Dictionnaire des Racines des Langues Européennes (1948)

(Cliquez sur l'image pour ouvrir le pdf)

J'avais posté dans cet article un début de résumé de ce dictionnaire.

Thursday, March 9 2017

Etymologie chinoise : Livre de Leon Wieger

Voici une copie du livre écrit en 1916 par le père jésuite Dr. Léon Wieger, qui discute de l’étymologie chinoise, essentiellement sur la base du dictionnaire antique Shuowen 说文解字, avec quelques distances critiques.

Léon Wieger, Caractères Chinois (1916)

(Cliquez sur la photo pour ouvrir le pdf)

Une lecture fascinante, qui tord le cou à quelques mythes. Par exemple 明 qui est en fait la combinaison de 囱 + 月, la lumière de la lune à travers une fenêtre, et donc pas de soleil comme on le croit à la vue de la forme moderne. Oncle Hanzi est du même avis..
Wieger propose aussi que 字, représentant un enfant dans une maison, signifie d'abord "enfanter", puis "caractère d’écriture composé", considérant les 字 comme descendants des caractères simples 文. (voir p298) C'est le sens de 说文解字 : "discuter le 文 simple, et analyser le 字 composé".

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Wednesday, February 22 2017

A tribute from Buenos Aires

Sweet surprise when a pianist friend of mine, met in Krakow 9 years ago, recorded two of my piano compositions for my birthday !

A huge thank-you Lee Ann!

Sunday, February 12 2017

Compo : Divine Comédie

A participation to the Nocta contest, taking you a journey through the gate of Hell, the mist of Purgatory, and the garden of Eden (kind of) :

Click on the picture to listen

Saturday, February 4 2017

Link back Vietnamese and Chinese with Neo Nom

Neo-Nom a method to transcribe Vietnamese into modern Chinese characters, in order to immediately show the equivalences between the two languages. The aim is to help people learning either language to make connections with the other. It also indirectly draws connections with Japanese and Korean.

pdf here: Introduction to Neo-Nom

Tất cả mọi người sinh ra đều được tự do và bình đẳng về nhân phẩm và quyền lợi.

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Monday, January 30 2017

Dashboard of suspicious corporations

In our world of increasingly virtual interactions, companies mastering the information technologies and networks are quickly gaining power at several levels. Here is a table to keep an eye on those folks. I use colors to show the now traditional groups: GAFAM in blue, their Chinese twin rivals BATX in red, their US good-guys rivals NATU (Netflix, Airbnb, Tesla, Uber) in green, big media in orange.

A healthy rule is to split our personal information and dependencies across different firms, or none of them if you can afford!





Hardware, physical world






Google News, Analytics

Search, Ads, Youtube

Gmail, hangout

Android, Apps, Calendar, Map, Translate, Drive, ChromeOS, Now IPA

ChromeBook, Car, CheckOut pay (till 2013), Calico (bio-engineering)



iTune, Apple TV


iOS, Safari, iLife, Logic, Final Cut, iCloud, Shazam, Siri IPA

Apple store, Apple Energy, ApplePay




WhatsApp, Messenger

Facebook Instagram

(headset for Metaverse, soon)


Alexa, Amazon studios


Cloud computing, Echo, Alexa IPA, Evi IPA

Physical sales, Pay, GoPago payment, AmazonGo (store)



Xbox games, Bing seach

Skype, MSN, Outlook, ex-hotmail

Windows, MSOffice, O365, Teams, Sharepoint, Linkedin, Cortana IPA

Nokia, Windows phone


Tongji web analytics, Hexun finance

Baidu search, Knows, Encyclopedia, Music, Image


NetDisk, Map, Browser, Yi OS, Space

外卖 Waimai food, Qunar travel



Alibaba movies


Alibaba, Sesame credit,,, AliPay, Meituan, cloud



QQ, WeChat

CRF credit, WeiYun, WeiBo


Xiao Mi



Phone, laptops, TV, connected objects

Hua Wei



Phones, data centers, network



VoD, TV and film production





House rental



(PayPal sold to Ebay) Elec cars, solar PV panel, SpaceX



Uber app

Taxi service


NBC, 26 US TV stations

Universal pictures, Focus


Movies and goodies

News Corp.

Fox News, National geographic, WallStreet journal

20th Century Fox, Blue Sky, Searchlight


Movies and goodies



Disney, Marvel, LucasFilm, Pixar, Touchstone


Movies and goodies, theme parks

Time Warner


HBO, Cinemax, Warner bros, Cartoon Network, DC Comics


Movies and goodies

  Everland theme park   S Voice, Gear VR, Viv IPA Phones, electronic, Heavy industry (ships), construction, Life insurance
Twitter     Twitter Twitter networks  


Corrigon visual search

First Look media, The Intercept, Field of Vision

(Skype sold to Microsoft)


eBay, PayPal



Kobo,, Pinterest, FC Barcelona



Rakuten,,, PriceMinister

Yahoo-Verizon News, Finance, Geoplanet, Answers Yahoo search, Music, Movies Yahoo mails Flickr, Tumblr, Delicious PayDirect (till 2004), Yahoo Travel


For more details about media conglomerates, Korean Chaebol 財閥 , Japanese Keiretsu 系列,  and the (short) French Wikipedia article on GAFAM, BATX, and NATU.

Meanwhile in China, the wondrous Social Credit System looms quietly. Here is the full text outline document in English and Chinese. The keyword to justify it is 诚信  ("honesty", translated here as "sincerity"), a word that Alibaba's champion Jack Ma has been emphasizing a lot in his speeches. I introduced further about this system in this earlier post.

And to attack another weak spot, Alibaba's Ant Finance is starting a cooperation with the UN Environmental Program UNEP to build a platform for individual monitoring of greenhouse gas. A green pretext to monitor the people!

Sunday, January 29 2017

Traditional song for Tet - Cô đôi thượng ngàn

Chúc mừng năm mới ! Tết celebrations in Hanoi to me are always associated with this cheerful folk song : Cô đôi thượng ngàn

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Thursday, January 26 2017

Arrival - UFO and Linguistics

Science-Fiction, language, time and consciousness: yesterday's movie Arrival combined it all, much to my delight!

I don't want to spoil the plot, but it revived my desire to rescue endangered languages. Just like collecting DNA of rare species will help medicine, collecting rare idioms with their myths and paradigms will help wisdom to develop and adapt in the future, especially with the help of artificial intelligence.

Discussion sur l'Atelier

Sunday, January 1 2017

Around Chopstick Languages (Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean)

Here is a list of articles and documents related to Chinese or Vietnamese:

  • Etymology of Chinese Characters, with proposes and illustrates 3 more sinogram generation mechanism, on the top of the 6 traditional.
  • Neo Nom 新喃 , a Japanese-inspired reconstruction of the ancient script Nôm, for learning purpose! If you know a bit of Chinese, that will gives you some keys to consolidate Vietnamese with what you know.
  • Chinese Etymology with Dr. Wieger's book (French), an in-depth etymological introduction, based on the seal script, the Shuowen and critical views of it.
  • Waseikango 和制汉语, a list of the Chinese words created by Japanese, Chinese and westerners during the XIXth century to describe new western concept. I’ve compiled the list myself from 2 sources.
  • Shuowen 说文解字 , an online XLS copy of the ancient etymological dictionary, with 11,100 entries. I’ve heavily customized it to analyze the text through excel functions and extract data systematically.
  • KoreoViet 韩越南字 , A Korean-inspired phonetic script for Vietnamese.
  • Voc Pro, a vocabulary list for professional context (technical, office) with translations in Vietnamese, Chinese, German, Spanish, and Bahasa.

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