After a long fight against Facebook's last full scale monitoring, Off-Facebook Activity, during which I've run trial and error tests, I've found and validated a very powerful plugin for PC and Phones : Privacy Badger. It can effectively block the countless trackers that Google and Facebook, among others, are sticking at us.

Off-Facebook Activity is Facebook feature since 2019 that shows you all the data shared about you with Facebook. It includes purchase you made, apps you use, sites you visits (among which petition, bank, news articles and other sensitive visits), on your PC and phone alike. It claims to do it to give you.. (guess what?)... more relevant content and ads.

Here is where to automatically check on your own FB account what Facebook knows about you :

For me the list was so long and shockingly detailed that it drove me mad. I logged every change of that list on daily basis and ran tests, to understand how it could spy on my so pervasively. The only method that could cut off that spying was this plugin. I suppose the other plugin called "Ghostery" is equally effective.