Watched Lucy, Avatar and Interstellar at last!

Lucy: it's Transcendence with drugs, or Limitless pushed a bit further. Morgan Freeman seems to be the traditional mentor (just like James Cromwell is the father of all robots!), although I find him much more realistic in Transcendence about the threat of a benevolent apprentice god...

Avatar: it's Pocahontas with blue cats. I did like the avatar technology, which reminds me of the movie Surrogates.

Interstellar: Impressive. Feelings from Solaris and Koyaanisqatsi . From the time loop of the hero (triggering his own past) i reason that the universe is depicted as determinist: without free will. Hmmm.. Hey I couldn't find in the soundtrack the amazing music when they arrive at the station at 0:45, and also 1:46 and 2:18 ? Gwenaël?