It has become increasingly obvious that the articles of this blog are identified across many fields, and it's not unusual to see over 5 tags for a single article! I believe this is a semantic issue, about finding the right vocabulary. It is sometimes necessary to create a new word to concisely capture a novel specific idea.

Here is propose "GuyFawkes" as keyword tag for my articles related to: "Defense of liberties, privacy, democratic civil society and access to knowledge, against oppressive states and corporations". It is not fully in line with the ideas of the Anonymous, Chanology, Pirate, or Occupy movements by definition, but shares similarities.

For me, November 5th is a cheerful celebration of anarchism and critical thinking, a warning sent to all abusive authorities, both public and private (GAFAM and Party)

Guido "Guy" Fawkes was an English catholic activist who belonged to the failed gunpowder plot aiming at bombing the British parliament on 5 November 1605. His figure, and particularly the above mask designed for the 2006 movie V For Vendetta has gained universal symbolic value, which doesn't have any religious connotation anymore.