Here are the 28 modes of modern jazz, starting with the 7 Greek modes. By shifting the starting note to each of the degree of the scale, we can form systems of 7 modes, sharing common structure and colours.

The 7 Greek modes form a system with exceptional harmony between the notes:

  • fifths and fourths in blue, consonant
  • minor thirds and major sixth in green
  • major thirds and minor sixth in yellow-light-green
  • tritons in red, explosive!

Here is this cyclical graph for the minor harmonic system, with more tensions. The lower half of the circle has the structure of whole-tone scale, and the upper half is like the diminished scale:

Further on, here is the Neapolitan system and the modes with limited transpositions:

And finally, the massive set of 72 Indian ragas, with identification or similarities with other known modes if any: More !

This is being discussed here in French.