I have to say first of all that I'm definitely happy with this election. As a symbol, it is a historical step forward, en certainly an opportunity to fill the gap between middle east and "the west".

I've been yet appalled to see how biased CNN has become, not showing a drop of critical mind. That was yesterday night, during one of these reviews of the election trail. The comments were ridiculously black/white, depicting McCain as doomed to lose from the beginning. Obama on the other hand was shown as the perfect candidate : Team, speech, theme... "oh yes, the theme of change was clear and perfectly relevant" What ?! What kind of theme is that !! Even in France where people become gullible enough to believe populists, we would say that "Change is not a theme !" It is just a magnet to attract all the dissatisfied voters without putting forward anything in particular.

Another super demagogic content was about the campaign cost. Freaky trend : 2008 has been twice as more expensive as 2004, and three time as more as 2000 ! To this apparent serious deviation of democratic practice (gigantic amounts of money in the struggle for power) Very smart comment :

$5.2 billions is not that much: in the US people spend over $6 billions per year for table chips. (CNN)

I'm still hopeful about Obama, but I've made up my mind about CNN. It is a dangerous low standard new-entertainment channel. It's just concerning to see it running all days long in some family apartments like mine in Sweden...
Go for BBC ! I believe it's still the best English speaking news media available.