Laramin is the name of my constructed language. By now the design is still in progress. This is an experimental and original language that could be compared to Esperanto with regards to the signature of the word class (utilization of specific markers for nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.). It share also the feature of being agglutinative, with the particularity that every single affix is a radical in itself, with a proper meaning and can be used independently.

One challenge of Laramin is to generate all the lexicon and grammar from a limited set of 100 ideas/radicals. 53 have been defined so far, and over 500 words have been defined although still largely under-exploiting the current combination potential.

2 documents in English are in progress for those who would like to discover this work:

Introduction booklet to Laramin
To be printed in A5 using the "booklet" setting of the printer. Gradual introduction with examples.

Excel spreadsheet as workshop for Laramin
An Excel workbook containing the latest Laramin lexicon and phrases. Excel formulae are used in order to automatically generate and update the vocabulary and the sentences. This document may be more complex and confusing than the above, but it shows also more clearly the mechanisms of word building. It is the most updated summary of Laramin.

Finally, Laramin can also be written with its own syllabary, Larafon.