[e] verbs [a] verbs Examples
shane shine The sun shines, and shanes the moon.
bake bike I smell something bikes..
fray fry Shall we fray some French fries?
sell sall This book salls like hot bread
smell small This flower smalls good
shave shive Hairs shive as people grow old.
fake fike Feelings fike in luring hearts.
have haave Most resources already haave. (A like in "are")
take tike Time tikes on a long journey.
get gat Most things gat in good markets.
give gav The concert gavs every week.
lend land Money lands easily in prosperous years.
pay pigh Industrious people deserve to pigh.
stay stigh Things you stay will stigh.
array arry Disciplined soldiers strictly arry.
tay tie You tayed the rope? Yes, it ties fast.
hade hide Don't try to hade your friends. They can't hide for long.
renk rank After we renked them, he ranked first in the list.
rate rite It rites expensive, the rating agency said.
metch match You metched these two. Lovely how they match!
check chack This data now chacks.
break brike The weakest link brikes first.
shake shike The whole building was shiking, shaken by the blow.
delay dely Why does he dely? Because he got delayed.
face fice Challenges fice only until eventually overcome.
tray try Keep traying him about work, he'll get there.
may migh  
can caan This thing mighs/caan only because someone may/can achieve it.
let lat The kinds lat playing, we let them play.
make mike Ice mikes in wintertime. (forms, happens)
open opan The door opan though no one was there to open it...
name nime He nimes the way his father named him.
telk talk I telked you that yesterday as we talked.
tell tall  
say sy Grateful words sy/tall when thankful hearts opan.
smale smile Your beauty smales me!
cray cry Joy and sorrow alike can cray.
maind mind Maind them so that they mind.
wake wike Looks like he didn't wike up. Let's wake him up!
fix fax  
mend mand Mend/fix it now, or it won't ever mand/fax.
guess gass Obvious plans gass quickly.
save sive No soul can sive unless the saviour saves it.
gade guide No sheep can guide without a shepherd to gade.
trevel travel The gade trevels tourists around.
welk walk Don't welk me too far!
stray stry Stray me no more, I'm tired of strying.
draive drive The train drives fast, but who draives it?
raid ride He raided his son on every horse of the ranch.
flay fly I like to flay my kite just to see it fly.
play ply Good games ply with joy.
send sand Quite many mails are sanding, but who sends them?
rain rine When clouds rine, is it God who rains them?
wrate write I wrate this, for it couldn't write by itself.

Some verbs seem to have shifted to the wrong column over time (like: rain, guide, drive, write, raid, tie, stray, stay..), or maybe my whole theory is wrong ?!

Beyond fun, these new verbs can solve ambiguous situations between verbal "voice" (active/passive) and "tense"(past/present). For example in "The bread is baked." we don't know whether it is being baked now, or if it's already baked. Now we can say "The bread must bike some more time before it has fully biked." Unfortunately is also introduces new ambiguities with existing words (ply, sand, rite, land, tike, tall, lat, small, bike..)

My favorite is still Mike... "Sorry for the delay, advert conditions mide..." :)