For these tests I have taken 7 glass test tubes with rubber corks. I had to keep the corks loose so that gases can be released without popping! Tubes 1-2-3 are "cursed", while tubes 4,5,6 are "blessed", tube 7 serves as neutral reference.

The tubes are stored together in a casing that isolates electro-magnetic waves (EM) from the outside and from each others, using aluminum foil. This is to avoid potential contamination between tubes, loosely based on Dr. Montagner's findings on EM waves and water behaviour. The truth is, we're quite clueless about a hypothetical mechanism linking emotions and microbial life !

Here is a test conducted over 56 days until April 23rd 2016:

It looks like the blessed tubes (4,5,6) are all more rotten than the cursed ones (1,2,3)!

Here is a test conducted over 26 days until May 22nd 2016:
(I have reordered the tubes in the picture to follow the same sequence of the previous tests)

Here the reference tube (7), left alone, seems better off than both the cursed and the blessed!