In these video, Zakir Naik pretends that plenty of pieces of knowledge stated in Quran have been discovered "recently".

Some historical facts however :

Eratosthenes calculated the radius of spherical Earth before 200 BC.

Ptolemy studied moon eclipses, therefore reflected light around 150 AD.

As for the material composing the human body, it is not honest to assume there are 1000 possible guesses. Indeed, among all the human cultures, there are 2 very frequent proposals who are water and dust... and both are quite acceptable.

Neither Quran or Bible should be read as scientific books. Their message is spiritual, and it's irrelevant to compare scientific truth and religious principles.

I don't think you'll ever find real proof that Allah, Yahweh or God exists. It has always been a matter of faith, and that confidence is the beauty of religions.